Lexus LS500/LS500h Air Strut Rear Right with AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension)


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    Váha: 7.5 kg
    Kód Aerosusu: 179999
    Моdel: LS500/LS500h
    Platforma: XF50
    Rok: 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022
    Vydání modelu: S AVS
    Pozice: Zadní pravý
    OEM Numbers:
    • 48080-50430
    • 48080-50431
    • 48080-50440
    • 48080-50441
    • 48080-50460
    • 48080-50470
    • 4808050430
    • 4808050431
    • 4808050440
    • 4808050441
    • 4808050460
    • 4808050470

    Aerosus air suspension struts replace the original air strut of your vehicle and offer you maximum ride comfort with high durability. Security, accuracy and quality of the product match the original part.

    This brand new rear air suspension strut with AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) fits right side of Lexus LS500/LS500h.

    How does Lexus semi-active suspension system AVS work?

    Depending on the road surface conditions and the driver's driving style, the semi-active suspension system AVS (Adaptive Variable Suspension) adjusts the damping on each wheel individually. With numerous sensors that detect, among other things, the lateral acceleration, the movements of the body and the speed, the adaptively variable chassis increases driving comfort and driving stability, especially on uneven road surfaces and when cornering. You can also do it yourself with this system and have the option of choosing between sport mode or comfort mode.

    Aerosus air struts are made of high-quality materials and are covered by a 2-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. Each air suspension strut comes complete with air spring and shock absorber as well as the new electromagnetic control valve. All our strut modules are new, high-performance parts.

    Our air struts are designed for superior ride quality by adjusting quickly to different road and vehicle conditions, while offering ultimate safety and functionality.

    All Aerosus suspension products offer you the ultimate driving experience.

    OE-quality air suspension strut
    Security and durability
    Maximum ride comfort
    Adjustable to different road and vehicle conditions
    Safe load carrying capacity and stability
    Ready to install
    Thousands of satisfied customers worldwide

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